Data Review Tool

I lead the design of a browser-based water data correction tool within a scrum team of nine developers for Data Correction Toolbox. Data Correction Toolbox is software for water data technicians to correct real-time and stored data. Data sources are mechanical and manual. Data sets can be years long and include by-the-minute data points.

Data Correction Toolbox required a multifaceted design. It needed to allow comparing multiple signals, and provide a variety of manual and machine learning data correction options.

User interface with line chart, meta data bars below and side panel on the right


I selected Hind as the font face because it is open source and it was developed explicitly for use in User Interface design.

Hind font in regular, medium, semibold and bold font weights


I selected colours for user interface elements to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guideline minimum contrast ratios of 4.5:1 or better. Forms and buttons were based on the Bootstrap frontend toolkit.

Elements designed for this product including alerts, forms, buttons, tables icons and colours


Data set cards

Each data set is represented by a card. Data sets can be hidden and shown quickly by using the eye icon. The data can be filtered and the style of the line chart is customizable.

Data is shown and hidden by toggling an eye icon

Data set groups

The data set groups feature allows users to save a group of frequently opened data sets for quick access.

Data set groups popover opening and closing

Open in new window

For users with larger or multiple screens, panels can be opened in a new window by using the “open in tab” button.

A table of data is opened in a new window

This project is also available on Behance.