A chart with levels of frustration and delight during a user journey through software

Show the value of UX in a way your boss understands

I recently attended Jared Spool’s course titled UX Metrics Stakeholders Can’t Ignore where he lays out a great way to not only help bring UX to the table but also integrate it into your company’s way of thinking. Here’s my synopsis of Jared’s course: As UX Designers, our job is to improve our user’s lives …

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A magnifying glass zooms part of the word JavaScript

Will they, won’t they see the JavaScript?

Update: All 6 tests passed. Google displayed the lyrics in search results for all the tests. I have added screenshots of the results below each test. I recently came across an article written in 2015 by Adam Audette for Search Engine Land about how Googlebot crawls JavaScript with positive results. You can find the full article here. In …

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Two thumbs, one point up and one down are on either side of the Shopify logo

Shopify Review: Pros & Cons

After completing three websites built on Shopify I thought I would share some of my experience with the e-commerce solution. As with any software there are good and bad sides. If you are a fellow web designer or a shop owner considering Shopify, this Pros and Cons list will help you decide to sign up with them or not. Pros …

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New logo what to ask

5 questions to ask when designing a new logo

Asking a yourself a few simple questions and writing down the answers before proceeding with a new logo can go a long way. Here are questions I ask clients before proceeding with a new logo design: What is the purpose of your new brand? (New company, product line has changed, new goals) Who is your …

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A desktop, tablet and phone with a question mark in a speech bubble

20 questions to ask before starting your next website

I have compiled a list of questions to ask yourself before you start your next website project. These are questions that I will often ask potential clients at our initial meeting and can be very helpful when creating your RFP to send out to designers. How would you describe your company including the products and …

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